What if…


  • You were able to make a bigger impact on the world with your business…without adding more work?

  • You could remove the self-judgement…and replace it with self-care?

  • Your period wasn’t a challenge…it was actually a powerful ally?

  • You could see each week in your business as a different opportunity to build your business…including those boring to-dos?

  • Every month you are excited to get your period…because you get to tap into your magic and plan the month ahead?

Check YBYF out.


It’s draining to build your business through discipline alone. You have to bring in the heart, the flow.

Embracing your unique cycle will bring that feminine balance to your business.  
Learning all about this will bring more JOY and SUCCESS to your business!!!

Are you ready to create a more authentic, enjoyable and profitable business right now?!

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