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Start running your business like the FEMprenuer you are. 

So much of the business world is taught by and for men. Even the heart based business courses are missing a major component. YOU’RE A WOMAN. 

What 99% of business programs don’t understand is your hormones shift the way your brain works. That 

You’re losing a week of work to fatigue, mood swings, brain fog, and inaction every month.

It’s not a matter of willpower, and you’re not alone!  

  • Do you really know when you’re most effective at which tasks?
  • Do you feel like you fall behind when your period comes?

  • Is your bitchiness bad for business?

  • Are your mood swings are losing you money, and hurting your reputation?

  • Does your focus take a nosedive and you struggle to finish anything?

  • Do you lose your self-confidence or feel judged during certain parts of the month?

  • Does the idea of taking a more feminine approach to your business sound like coming home?

I’m IN!

“Wow. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with Stasha and understand the huge impact that my cycle has on my business, productivity, emotions, and more. Not only that, but I feel better-equipped to plan my business around this and make the most of my strengths at each point of the cycle. Thank you Stasha for a comprehensive and practical program. I think you should be mandatory viewing for every teenage girl! I spend a lot of time saying “Why aren’t we TOLD THIS?!?” Haha. If you’re thinking about joining YBYF, I highly recommend it. Highly.”        -Tash Corbin

Building your business through discipline alone = Burn Out.

Bring in your heart & your flow.


 Embracing YOUR cycle will bring the essential feminine balance into your business.  

When are you making your best business decisions?
  • Did you know you are more likely to overspend during your Luteal Phase? Do you know when your Luteal Phase is? 

  • Do you know when to do your enrollment calls, or investment pitches for the best conversion rate?
  • Are you enrolled in several programs, feeling overwhelmed and crunched for time? What if I told you that doing this program would actually help you utilize all those other programs?!
  • Do you find yourself, say once a month, redoing your whole business?
  • Would you like to feel empowered and effective every day of the month, including your days off?

10914876_10153067908714446_6938816075798730204_o“Before YBYF I thought something was wrong with me, why did I have amazing energy one week and then seem to crash the next to feel crazy to then bleeding and anti social…? She showed me the beauty it is to be woman within my cycle, shed light of that mystery, and my greatest nemesis is now my friend.”


Are you ready to create an enjoyable, true to you, business right now?!


YES, I need to Join NOW!

Here’s a little bit about what we’ll cover:

Sensuality System™:

  • support your hormones by exploring our 6 senses in each phase
  • where your hormonal imbalances are & ways to balance (in a one-on-one personal call with me)
  • Reduce or even End PMS, fatigue, painful periods, migraines, depression… and much more.
  • The 5 elements and seasons for each phase of your cycle
  • How to eat that works for YOU, no one else


  • how to schedule your business with your cycle
    • For example: Your Estrogen rises at certain points in your cycle. Your verbal skills are directly related to your estrogen levels. Schedule your interviews or record your videos then. This is just one of many ways our hormones change our brain.
  • clarity on your business vision
  • goals for your business
  • how to use my system for good and maybe a little evil 😉
  • pushing past your comfort zone
  • tap into your ability to create when you’re at your peak to increase income


  • how to move to support your hormones based on your hormones and no one else’s. 
  • how to maximize relationships including employee, personal, and romantic relationships​
  • accessing your magic
  • radical acts of self care that will benefit you AND your business
  • ritual to make life smooth

What if…

  • Your period wasn’t a challenge…it was actually a powerful ally?

  • You could be SURE you’re making the best decisions for your business…no matter what time of the month it is?

  • You never worried about your mood swings affecting your income…or your spending?

  • You could create a routine that eliminates the pitfalls of working from home…and feels luxurious?

  • You were able to make a bigger impact on the world with your business…without adding more work?

  • You could remove the tension of self-judgement…and relax into self-care?

  • Every month you are excited to get your period…because you get to tap into your magic and plan the month ahead?

Let’s DO THIS!

As The Period Coach, my focus is not only helping you fall in LOVE with your period, but also running your business!

My story is one of healing my painful, moody, exhausting period. I had to heal my period problems while starting a business. As a certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach, I learned to run my hormone balance coaching business everyday with my menstrual cycle in mind.

What I didn’t know then is our brains actually change with each stage of our cycle all month long and we aren’t using it to ouradvantage. For example as your estrogen fades so does your verbal ability. Ever have that moment you’re searching for a common word and it just won’t come to you? This isn’t the time to be writing your sales copy or closing a deal is it?! By scheduling our business with our cycle we can stop losing our precious time to fatigue and mood swings instead replace it with community and self-care! 



Let’s look at the YBYF program details: 

We will have a private Facebook group and “Sister Circles”. What’s that? Good question! I’ll be grouping you with other women in similar situations so you can get the MOST out of this program.

 Our calls will aim to be under an hour each. I know in the beginning we get really excited and those tend to be a bit longer, I’m excited too! My goal is to keep the content under 30 minutes and have room for discussion.

Plus great worksheets, recipes, slides and other fun content in our shared Google Drive folder. 

What will we be going over?

Week 1: We’ll start with Charting 101. This important so we know where we are in our cycle to get the most out of the program. I’ll be teaching you what charting is, how to do it, what’s important and what’s not.

Week 2:  We will explore our luteal phase, aka PMS week! We will learn what’s going on here, and how to use all of our senses to ease symptoms. Touch, Taste, Sight, Sound, Smell, and Spirit as well as the Sacred Elements of this time.

Week 3: The business of the Luteal Phase. What’s good to do or not to do during this phase! 

Week 4: Q&A Week. 

Week 5: The menstrual phase, aka our period. We’ll talk about the 6 senses that connect us to our inner magic and how the Water element is our guide.

Week 6: *Hint* this is the most powerful week for your business! I’ll show you why and how, then you’ll DO!

Week 7: Follicular Phase. You know, when you start to get your energy back post period? That’s this phase. Spring and Wood element focus, plus how to use your senses to lift this time!

Week 8:  How do we harness this rising energy and keep from starting a million projects that never get finished manic mode? I’ll show you during this week.

Week 9: Q&A Week

Week 10: Ovulation! This phase has a short life, and I’ll show you how to make the most of it! This is the Summer of the menstrual cycle, and Fire is our guide for this phase.

Week 11: This is SUCH an under-utilized part of our cycle for business. Let’s making it the crowning glory it CAN BE!


We will also cover the following:

  • Creating our clearest and most inspiring vision. 
  • Business goals – let’s connect that big inspired vision to your business – to create income.
  • Create a routine that is literally based on you
  • Finding focus in your natural rhythm.
  • I’ll show you how to schedule your business to-do list to make the most of your time. I promise you this won’t be about setting a timer and strict repetition. 
  • We will talk about what blocks you may have that are stopping you and your business from having the impact that you desire – then how to bust through them!
  • I will unveil my game-changing Period Power Points. This will drastically change how you see your period.
  • I’ll show you how to use those Period Power Points to improve your relationships, from employees to romantic relationships.
  • Let’s talk radical acts of self care. I’ll give you great ideas you can use at each point in your cycle, to not only help your hormones but help you fall in love with you!
  • We’ll talk about magic, deepening your connection to your cycle, and all things bleeding. I’ll show you how connecting to your MAGIC can create clarity in your business! 
  • We will have a safe space to ask questions you may not even know you have yet! One of the most common praises about this program from past participants is the community and safe, taboo free zone, in our group.

As The Period Coach, my focus is not only helping you fall in LOVE with your period, but also YOUR BUSINESS.


My story is one of healing my painful crippling periods and learning to run a business WHILE healing. As a certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach, I was forced to run my hormone balance coaching business everyday with my menstrual cycle in mind.

What I didn’t know then is our brains actually change with each stage of our cycle all month long and we aren’t using it to ouradvantage. Now I work with women business owners to fall in love with their menstrual cycle and use it to their advantage. By scheduling our business with our cycle we end up with more free time and more income! ​




  • This is what I’ve got so far… but there very well maybe more!



One of the many resources you’ll have access to in YBYF is my Charting Mandala. This is a coloring meditation. Checking in with your body each day you’ll begin to see you bodies secrets unfold. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to guide you thru it!




Bethanne makes chocolate. But not just any chocolate. Her’s is infused with herbs to help women balance their hormones WHILE eating chocolate! She’s going to talk to us about all things CHOCOLATE!



Amy Jo is a bombshell. There’s just no way around that. She also happens to have an intuitive talent for branding! She’s going to chat with us about branding, and bringing out your Diva Mojo to SHINE!






Josea-Bonus-period-fatigue-menstruation-health-1BMLH03Josea is one of my best friends. She is kind, patient beyond belief and lives on a tiny island in a tiny house. She started out healing adrenal fatigue and hormonal balance issues, which was what I was doing when we met. We’ve both come a long way and since then she’s been practicing the art of trauma healing. She’s going to share her DEEP WISDOM with us and dive into Womb Healing. Something I didn’t even know I needed until I met her. Despite my own pain and problems!


Tanja-bonus-mood-fatigue-menstruation-flow-1BMLHSOTanja is in my mastermind group. Let me tell you we’re always trying to get her to slip us copy tips! An editor for some big names in book writing, and a no-nonsense copy slayer (can you tell I’m writing this not her?!), Tanja is going to help us get really clear on writing!



Natalie and I have grown up together in SO many ways. A Master Market Researcher and The Curvy Confidence Coach! She’s going to share with us 10 Questions you need to ask your audience to really SPEAK to them!!!



Aurora-Bonus-pms-mood-menstruation-coach-1BN0VSTAurora is a travelling Red Tent Priestess. She goes from town to town training women how to hold their own Red Tents. This spirit of DEEP SHARING and COMMUNITY are two of the most valuable tools for women to heal, and THRIVE. When we talk about a successful narrow niche I’m going to share her story and your mind will be blown! She’s going to be sharing with us mysteries and secrets to being a woman in all her GLORY!




Meg and I went to Point Park University together and after graduating camped around the country in my TINY stick-shift, no power anything including the steering, Ford Aspire for two months. Now I get to share her with the world!!!! This was such a helpful class to get going with E.O.s


And there maybe more!

Do I have to be a business owner  No you don’t. How does this work when you don’t have control over your schedule? It starts with you. Become the voice in your office. Talk with the women there about what you’re learning in this program, foster collaboration. Be the leader that empowers other women. End the taboo, not only for yourself but for the other women in your office! You can apply what we’ll be learning to yourself at home, your social life, your relationships, your health, your food, your self-care, your work out… everything!



How much

 The Early Bird price will include:

  • The FULL program – $697
  • All the bonuses -$700 (as of now, we’ll get a few more!)
  • A hormonal and business assessment one-on-one with me – $300
  • Our community, which is AMAZING but don’t take my word for it! – $697

Of course I’m not charging over $2,000 – tho I was told this program is worth that! No, I YOU in this program so I’m giving you two choices in joining!

Option A:  $697 Buy Now

Option B:  $187/month for 4 months Buy Now


This program is going to encourage you to stop waiting.

You’re always going to have bigger and better goals, you can put off taking care of yourself forever. This program is going to help you build a SOLID self-care foundation that will apply to you, your life, and your business. Put your oxygen mask on first.

Even if you have a happy healthy period if you’re not using it to your advantage you’re missing out on this deep rich connection. Join us sister!

Join NOW


*If you work with FEMALE clients*

  • This program is a tax write off for you
  • No matter what your focus is, health, business, intuition, when you’re working with women the insight this course will provide will make you a better coach and your clients will have more success… which is what makes you a better coach!
  • Knowing where your client is in her cycle makes it easier for you to design her session. Giving her appropriate ‘homework’ for HER.
  • This won’t just help you, this program will help your clients and that’s what we’re all about!