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Welcome to F❣️PMS!


This is a great opportunity to see what’s going on in that beautiful body of yours. By deeply nourishing your body while eliminating the possible problems.

This program is 1 part eating with your cycle, 1 part learning to track your cycle.

You’ll leave this program not only feeling lighter, refreshed and energized… but you’ll discover recipes and create habits that you’ll use for years to come. That’s real transformation!




Plus, when you sign up you’ll get a downloadable PDF of my 2017 book Enter The Red Circle. This is a lovely coloring mandala book, with a chart for each month, along with a goals mandala, a calendar designed to use your FLOW, journaling space and the Energies for each New Moon!




This is fully customizable, if you already know something works or doesn’t work for you that’s ok! I’ll be sharing some awesome tips, and ways you can modify in our Facebook group.


You’ll have lots of support in our private FB group! It’s always fun in there and so many good recipes come out of this reset. Not only the many recipes in the guide. Plus I’m doing it with you!





I spent many years learning how to balance hormones, make healthy food yummy, and even ran a successful nomadic “Clean Dinners” restaurant in Los Angeles for 3 years!

I’m not going to give you strict set of meals for each day of the week. Instead we’re going to do this program together, learn what you actually LIKE and create recipes that you’ll use for the rest of your life. Doesn’t that sound SO MUCH BETTER?!

I can’t wait to welcome you!

I’ll see you in the group.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I completed Stashas Hormone Rebalancing Cleanse back in March, 2016. I was a junk food junkie before this, chips, chocolate, takeaway and soft drink every day. When I saw her cleanse I thought why not it is only for a month. It was not easy to start with while I learned what i could and could not eat, and I thought about food all the time for the first few days, but then it got easier. I drank a lot of soft drink and substituted this for sparkling mineral water and also ate a little friut when the sugar cravings hit – but I survived and lost (15kg’s) and it has changed how I eat now. I eat minimal packaged products, organic fruit and vegtables and grain fed meat. I fell so much better. Having the facebook group to report on was great as I need somewhere and people to check into as when I am accountable then I am more likely to go through with something. Like I said my diet was bad and I figure if I can do it then anyone can. Thanks Stasha it really has changed my life.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I’m an alumna of Stasha’s Happy Hormone Program, and can report that it is a life changer (any of her programs are phenomenal and make a huge impact)! I had sugar cravings and longing for caffeine to make it through the day due to fatigue and an endless cycle of stress and self-loathing (thinning hair, expanding waistline, worsening acne). I will admit this program was a challenge for me, NO alcohol, and I’m an avid beer and wine connoisseur. There are a few “restrictions” (to break the power sugar and processed food have over our guts and brains – and there is more and more research to back this up), but there are so many other options, and the wonderful support of the HHR sisters to help you through cravings, finding recipes, making things you love and crave healthier for you… These are all the things you will learn and continue to use beyond the one month cleanse. I know this, because I have!

    This isn’t a diet fad, there is no “wagon” to fall off. Life happens, and one mistake doesn’t mean a failure, or that it is time to give up. There is no magic drink or pill to take… the Happy Hormone Reset will lead you a happier and healthier you, give you a wonderful support network of warrior women, and give you the foundation to a sustainable lifestyle, as well as a easy to follow plan following those life moments when you know you’ve slacked on making sure you’re nourished, body and soul. I will be investing in the program again this September 1st, just for that reason – a hectic, stressful and over-indulged summer! You will not regret this small investment in you’re health and future.

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