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I’m so happy to share this with you. 

Chantelle and I spent months putting this together for you, many late nights in Australia for her and early mornings in California for me!


So WHY should you be using my Charting Mandala?

My Top 5 Reasons:

1. Get to know your cycle ~ This mandala is a short easy meditation you can do everyday.

2. Mood Swings ~ Knowing where you are in your cycle and when those mood swings kick in can make ALL the difference in your day. Not just for you but everyone around you too!

3. Cravings ~ The strike when we least expect them! Or do they? Using this PDF you can know when cravings are coming and be prepared!

4. Connect with the Moon ~ She influences your period, and your energy. We ladies have such a deep connection with the moon, but we rarely pay attention. Let’s connect!

5. Intuition. She’s there, but it’s hard to hear her. Charting will help you hear your intuition and trust her! You’ve always heard about “Women’s Intuition” but didn’t really feel like you could trust yours. This chart will change that!

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Enter The Red Circle is totally unique!

I’ve been The Period Coach, working with women to end their PMS, painful periods, and teaching women all over the world how to use the POWER in their PERIOD for years now.

One thing we ALL do is chart! Which can be boring, overwhelming, or just uninspiring.

I wanted a way to help women learn about themselves, get and stay on track, and ENJOY it!

I didn’t think it was too much to ask, but after several artists told me this wasn’t going to work I found Chantelle. She’s magic, and managed to not only include all the information you NEED but also made it BEAUTIFUL!

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Enter The Red Circle


This is my actual chart!

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