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Failure & Flow

I give you permission to toss ‘failure’ out of your vocabulary right now. ON TO SUCCESS!

Flow is magic, and you can use it to never fail again…

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The Energy of Menstruation: Luteal Phase (Part 4 of 4)

This is the fourth and final part in the series of four phases of our menstrual cycle. I get to bust a prominent myth that is thought to be a characteristic of the Luteal Phase.

If you missed the first three, this talks about the Menstrual Phase and this one talks about the Follicular Phase, and this one here deals with the Ovulation Phase of our Menstrual Cycle.

Luteal Phase is the time between ovulation and the next period which can be as long as full 14 days.  It is the longest phase in our menstrual cycle and has a double hormonal part with the rise in the estrogen and progesterone with an extra bump of estrogen to give you a little extra energy. 

First off, let’s bust that TABOO!

PMS is not Normal and PMS is NOT a part of being a woman.


The luteal phase is the late Summer and Fall phases of the cycle- the earth and metal phase of the cycle.

Coming from the high energy ovulation phase, there is a gradual transition and a gradual decline in the energy. So, this is a time to make sure that you don’t beat yourself up for not wanting to do things that are high energy. 

It is a time to start going inward. You will start wanting your own time – switch from going to large group classes to doing things on your won or with a few of your close friends. 

Be sure to continue to move whether it be a yoga class or a quiet walk.

Self-care tip: Luteal Phase

Stop judging yourself. Let go of your judgment. 

Don’t do things if you don’t feel like doing them. You don’t have to do everything all of the time.

If you feel like you want to stay inside and batch cook instead of heading out, do so. 

Pick yourself some Clary Sage (unless if you are pregnant, then DON’T!). Mix a drop of Clary Sage with olive oil, coconut oil, or castor oil and give yourself a womb massage.

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The Energy of Menstruation: Ovulation Phase (Part 3 of 4)

Today I am going to talk about Ovulation Phase, the third phase. If you missed the first two, this talks about the Menstrual Phase and this one talks about the Follicular Phase of our Menstrual Cycle

Ovulation phase is out Summer and for those us who are introverts, this is the phase where even we feel extroverted.So, this is a great time to go out there like record a video. 

Taking classes like kickboxing, martial arts, and group-based programs are great choices for this phase. This is also the perfect time to get girls together to go take spinning classes and those hard warrior yoga classes.

In short, it is a great time to push it further. 

Please do not confuse this with burnout!

This is the phase where you are in your power so utilize it. 

It is the time to allow yourself to adventure: to do something that is outside of your comfort zone. 

So, take this time to take that step that you were hesitating to take.  Or, go bash a taboo!

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The Energy of Menstruation: Follicular Phase (Part 2 of 4)

In the first of the series, I talked about the Menstrual Phase. In this part, I’ll give you some insights on the follicular phase. As the energy begins to rise with the hormones, during the Follicular phase, you go from winter. 

As the energy begins to rise with the rise of the hormones in your body, during this phase, you go from winter to spring. 

Wood is the element during this phase.  Those shoots are coming up green so we are actually moving into this beautiful springtime energy.

This time is perfect to go do something outgoing. This is a time of extroverted energy so go outside, go do some hikes, maybe call up some friends go take a fun class. Maybe start doing some of the more challenging yoga classes as you start to feel your energy rising.

You may even want to venture out of yoga and start doing those more physically challenging classes.
There are so many good things you can do during the spring phase of the cycle and one of the things that I really do love to tell women to do is to get into the earth and plant. You can put a butt of lettuce in a glass of water and you will start to get lettuce greens again.
You can put spring onions for scallions in a cup of water and they will continue to grow green.

Self-Care Ritual: Follicular Phase
Surround yourself with bright detoxifying things. Eat your rich dark greens like your arugula, sprouts, dandelions right because they’re very detoxifying for your body.  Pick up some micro greens or some sprouts. Go eat your greens!
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The Energy of Menstruation: Menstrual Phase (Part 1 of 4)

 I figured it was time to do a four-part series about energy in each of the four phases of the cycle. Our menstrual cycle starts on the first day of the period and therefore menstrual phase is the first in line. 

Menstrual phase is when we have the energy of the winter.  Winter is the time of relaxing just like the time when the earth is resting with that blanket of snow covering its ground.

Winter doesn’t mean that nothing’s happening. Giving yourself the permission to relax, to Zen out, to have some meditation time sets the tone for the rest of your menstrual cycle.


  • It’s a really good time to let your mind wander because it’s going to come up with some really good ideas.
  • It’s also a good time to have very little movement like yin yoga or maybe just some stretching.
  • It’s a really good time to just feel into your body and give it just what it wants.
  • It’s also the water phase of your cycle so taking a warm bath is a great idea during this phase.  

Self-care ritual for the menstrual phase: 

Have something red: a red candle, wear a red piece of clothing, put red sheets on your bed. Bust out your red tea cup or your red wine glass. Throw just your own little ceremony or ritual, something that just feels good to you and celebrates this self-care part of your cycle.
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