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Makin’ $ with FLOW

Money flow. It’s a thing. You’ve seen it spreadsheets showing the ups and downs, flow charts, mapping out where everything’s coming from and going to. A very dude way of approaching cash flow. No wonder we women find it… distasteful.

But money is energy and we can tap into that flow just as we tap into our menstrual flow. Let me show you:

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A little known fact about the Red Tent AND your brain during your Period!

I bet you didn’t know women were the message bringers, the planners, and that it was in the Red Tent that these visions and plans were made.

Did you know that there’s a sound scientific reason that women should be taking time during menstruation to just sit and think? To be creative and look at the bigger picture?

Check it out in this video.


Want to learn SO much more and actually CREATE? I’m hosting an interactive, action filled webinar that will be blending the success plan of Elon Musk with the feminine flow we all have. Come create with us!

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