Are you ready to have your mind totally blown?

Have you ever thought to yourself “there’s no way cavewomen had this much pain”?

Do you wonder what the hell all these mood swings are about?

Do you wish you could just rip your uterus out of your body?

Or, you LOVE your period but you don’t see how POWERFUL and CONNECTED it really is…














Then you’ve come to the right place.

Together we can totally transform our mindset, our bodies and our society to end the taboo and realize our FULL potential. If you’re open to the idea that there is SO much more just out of sight I’d love to shine the light for you.

When you’re estrogen is high your verbal skills are high. Are you using this to your advantage? Are you scheduling your first dates, your editing, your sales calls, your copywriting, your big presentations, your networking events, your interviews for this time?

Or are you scheduling your life like a dude? They go thru a hormonal cycle every day (I know that explains a lot). For a guy saying I do this thing at this time everyday is great. For a woman that leads to frustration, self-judgement, disappointment, feeling like a failure…

We have an amazing gift that was quite literally burned at the stake. We’ve been cut off from this amazing knowledge for hundreds of years. But as the saying goes… “We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren’t able to burn” and now we have modern science backing us up.

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Enter The Red Circle 2017 edition

watermarked-etrc-pink-glass-lamp-pumpkinIt’s here! My SUPER popular Menstrual Charting Mandala has been turned into a book for 2017!

Why is this the 2017 version? Because this book is designed to tell you about each new New Moon for this coming year. With each moon we’ve given you a goals mandala, a calendar, and space to make connections.

This book is designed to TRANSFORM your life. Not just one part of your life but your whole being. To show you the connections you need to level up. Gently, easily, and in alignment with the true you.

Take a look inside the book:     Show Me More!

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